Nutrition 101 For Gestational Surrogates

gestational surrogates

Gestational Surrogates Info: Know What’s Good For You

As gestational surrogates, proper nutrition is crucial in influencing how you feel throughout the surrogacy journey. This article serves as a guide for gestational surrogate mothers who want to integrate optimal nutrition into their way of life.

Keep in mind that as gestational surrogates, you are not eating just for yourself, but also for the baby you are carrying. Learning how to balance your diet is essential for gestational surrogate moms. When planning meals and snacks, a certain ratio regarding the nutrients you consume should be strictly followed. This ratio is about half carbs, then one-quarter protein and one-quarter fat.

As a surrogate mother, incorporate fiber into your diet. Fiber helps maintain your weight by keeping you full. There are also certain health ailments that fiber helps with, like diabetes, cardiac issues, and a few forms of cancer. Additional benefits of fiber are the fact that it helps reduce bowel irregularity and lower cholesterol levels.

Drinking about eight glasses of water a day is required for surrogate mothers. Gestational surrogates tend to sweat more, and keeping yourself hydrated will make you feel cool and comfortable.

Eating foods rich in Vitamin B6 is also good for you, as this is an essential combatant against depression. Research has shown that an insufficient amount of serotonin is what, in most cases, causes depression. To greatly improve your mood, include in your diet foods such as broccoli, wheat germ, and chicken breast, which all have substantial amounts of Vitamin B6.

As a surrogate mom, try to eat smaller-sized meals, as this helps reduce your appetite and lessen the urge to overeat. Five or six smaller portions spaced out over the course of a day will render better digestion and keep weight down. Managing your weight as a gestational surrogate mom can help prevent hypertension, diabetes, and other diseases.

Food cravings are normal and expected, especially in gestational surrogates. To feel better about your food cravings, familiarize yourself with the nutritional figures of the food you eat, understand your alternatives, and opt for healthy substitutes. As a surrogate mom, if you go out with relatives or friends for dinner, do not worry, as you can ask for a menu that presents the nutritional details of the foods you would like to order. This makes for better food choices that will not only benefit you, but also the baby you are carrying.